About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and considering me to capture your life’s most precious people and moments!

My name is Claire, I am married with 2 beautiful children who are my absolute sunshine and I could truly not feel more blessed! I am also incredibly lucky to do work that I just LOVE with a passion!!! which started for me at the age of 14years old, i spent many long hours putting  friends through scrupulous photo shoots and spent many a lunch break at school hiding away in a dark room! Yep, i was that girl!!

I have been working in the industry now for 20 plus years and seen many, many changes! but i must say i am having more fun these last few years than ever! spending 3 or 4 hours with an adorable squishy little newborn is simply special! you never become immune to their cuteness. Each and every one is just perfect, all their little expressions, squeaky sounds, soft fluffy hair and every other little piece is just an absolute miracle!

I would say one of my favourite bits of all this is the sibling shots and seeing that love and wonder unfold as they get to know this new little being that has arrived into their lives!

So aside from all this some of my other loves would be family, good friendships, our dog Duke, chocolate, a movie (with maltesers), pretty things, dinosaurs, baked beans and anything that involves a good family holiday!

Thank you again for considering me to be your photographer! If you would like to have a chat then please get in touch, i would love to hear from you.

Love Claire xoxo

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